“Everybody can love a comic artist. Not everybody can love a political cartoonist. If you want to be loved by everybody, don’t become a political cartoonist. I stuck by those sentiments for most of my life, except way back in the early days of Hitler’s rise to power and the urge to do battle with evil became irresistible. I dabbled in drawings and offered them anywhere they would be accepted.” ~ Syd Hoff

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  New Masses
January, 1935

enlarged cover --view cartoons

  Young Communist Review
July, 1939

enlarged cover --view cartoons
  Mr. His: A Children's Story for Anybody - December, 1939
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  The Ruling Clawss - 1935enlarged cover --view cartoons   New Masses - Dec. 19, 1939
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  March of Labor - June, 1949
enlarged cover --view cartoons
  Champions of Youth - 1936enlarged cover --view cartoons   New Masses - August 11, 1936
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  New Masses - November 28, 1939enlarged cover --view cartoons  

Selection of Drawings from The Worker (1924-1960)
Foreward by Joseph North
36 Years The Worker Drawingsenlarged cover --view cartoons


"Hoff" cartoons with political overtones

Redfield & the Occupy Movement connection