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New Masses - November 28, 1939


This New Masses centerfold cartoon was based on Karl Marx’s idea (and Lenin’s claim) that revolution is the locomotive of history. It illustrates the locomotive’s relentless persistence, running over obstacles in its path and leaving everyone else behind.

“When the locomotive of history takes a sharp turn, only the steadfast cling to the train” ~ Lenin Prophecy


Characters/references in Syd’s 1939 Political Cartoon (A. Redfield)
(enlarged sections of the cartoon above)

Walter Lippman & Dorothy Thompson (American Journalists - columnists - Commentators):

Hearst Brass Check Tourist Camp - Eugene Lyons, Issac Don Levine,
David Dubinsky, Popeye, General Walter Krivitsky:

Edouard Daladier, Hitler, Arthur Greenwood, Clement Attle, Emperor Hirohito:

General Walter Krivitsky, Morris Ernst, Lewis Fischer, Al Capone, The Dies Committee:

Norman Thomas, Leon Blum, Ramsey MacDonald (briefcase):

Sidney Hook, Max Eastman, Leon Trotsky, J. T. Farrell:

Vincent Sheean, Winston Churchill:

Alex Rose, Luigi Atonini, Jim Crow, American Labor Party (train station)

Tsar Nicolas II, Alexander Kerensky, Leon Trotsky, Peter the Great, General Walter Krivitsky, Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, The Five Year Plan, The Russian Revolution:

George Bernard Shaw, FDR, Robert H. Jackson (?) - friend of FDR:


The Nation & The New Republic (liberal publications):

The Nation- the readers & The New Republic- the readers:

Westbrook Pegler, H. L. Mencken, Karl Kautsky, Segismundo Casado:

Heywood Broun, “Pacts Vobiscum”- (Pax Vobiscum) – Peace be with you (American Journalist with a code of ethics - Champion of the Underdog) :

“Take off my Boots” (song lyrics), John Nance Garner, FDR:

Father Coughlin, outspoken radio host, "Father of Hate Radio", shown shouting into the microphone "Hi Yo Silver!". Seems the 'radio priest' had a huge hoard of silver stashed away and tried to boost the value by urging his audience to pressure Washington to adopt a Silver Standard.:

The Social Democratic Local: