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36 Years - The Worker - Drawings

  Over the history of The Daily Worker, there were only six volumes of cartoons published, this being the last. One notable cartoonist in this volume is Robert Minor, who, prior to World War l was the highest paid political cartoonist in the country, making over $100,000 a year. He left this lucrative engagement to dedicate his life to left wing causes, especially Revolutionary Russia. Another is A. Redfield, which was the nom de plume of children’s book author and long time New Yorker contributor Syd Hoff, who at the age of 17, joined the staff of The Daily Worker. This collection also includes work by Phil Bard, Maurice Becker, Fred Ellis, Hugo Gellert, artist and Yiddish cartoonist William Gropper, Clive Weed, the venerable Art Young and the American Graphic Workshop.